My internship at Red and White Spa was focused on the marketing aspect for all six of the spa's locations. At Red and White Spa I found that, although it has six different locations, it’s a tight knit family that you enter into. You really get to meet everyone and learn their stories which you then build genuine friendships and bonds, unlike other internship experiences I’ve had at other companies. When I sit back and think, I would say the most beneficial aspect of this internship was the ability to present your ideas openly to both Gary (Owner) and Ashley (Head of Marketing and GM of the Midtown Location) and actually see them tested out or implemented. Therefore you not only gain hands-on experience but you also get to create or see products, services, and techniques come to life. Working in marketing my role really was to help establish a cohesive brand image across all six of the spa’s locations, increase traffic flow and build upon a growing consumer base, as well as helping to create various strategies to relate to, connect with, and better service clients both established and prospective. Walking away from this internship I’ve established live tested material to add to my professional portfolio and made friends along the way!