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Our Story


With a DOLLAR (okay, I came with $497) and a DREAM, I landed on the shores of America (wasn’t that dramatic. I arrived at JFK along with a plane full of people on a British Airways flight (Virgin wasn’t around then).

Long story short (it is a long story), with 6 spas today (and a seventh on the way, sounds very pregnant!) the American Dream is now a reality. Off course, the typical happened, there were bankruptcies, no money days ($0, zero, nada) sleeping on the floor of my office, showering at the gym and waiting to buy the discounted unsold sushi for dinner every night. The tough days are not over because when the dream is to grow, you're never really out of the woods. Being an entrepreneur typically means a screw is loose somewhere. I have lots of screws loose.

We are now successful for two reasons. Number One, It’s our team members. If it weren’t for Iwona, Dominika and Ana (the Polish gang), Leo (the positive vibes only manager), Beverly (simply incredible but takes too many days off), Andra (this girl is not human, no clue how she works so hard) Karina (like family), Natalia (the daughter I never had), Vanessa our new manager, Lola, Vianca, Sherly, Kiesha, Maria, Maya, Yolanda, Adam (our attorney, yep, our attorney too) & Ali (the massage therapist), Lisa, Didem, Jess, Julia, Tina, Karma (good karma), Olga and 80 others – a BIG thank you. We live by the Motto, "Ladies and Gentlemen serving Ladies and Gentlemen!"

Off course, the Number Two reason is our dear guests. You are the best in the world and we love you. You choose us and we are dearly grateful. We realize that you could go anywhere (and take your wallet with you) but you visit us. THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH! We are NOT perfect and we have screwed up on occasion. Thank you for letting go and giving us another chance. It is because of you that we have a job. We can’t wait to have you back (preferably every day lol). Our Credo is to be the most cherished part of our guest’s day. Thank you for giving us the opportunity!

I launched because I believe every life is equally valuable. So the question was where could I have the greatest impact? The answer was to feed those who did not have enough is ten of the poorest countries in the world. So every time you purchase a service or product you are helping to feed those less fortunate. A substantial part of my assets will eventually go to Having a meaning to your life beyond one's own upkeep is deeply important.

Lastly, I’d like to say that America is a GREAT country and we are all blessed to belong to it. So if you're native or immigrant, tall or short, Republican, Democrat or Independent, Straight or Gay, White, Brown or Black, Blonde and Brunette, a Lady or a Gentleman – you are welcome at Red and White Spa.

Wishing you happiness, health, harmony and freedom from suffering always.

May there be peace in your heart!