My journey as a Marketing Intern at Red and White Spa has been an incredible professional experience. I cannot emphasize enough how stress free and enjoyable the work environment was to work in. Our team was second to none, and very easy to openly communicate and collaborate with. Gary, the owner is an inspiration, he had such a pure heart and strives to wish everyone happiness. Working with Ashley, the marketing manager was an absolute blast. My duties consisted heavily on research and brainstorming. Using Claritas MyBestSegments, I developed a psychographic segmentation data collection for each zip code of all the Red and White Spa locations. I was able to analyze the data to compose a strategy for the general target market for Red and White Spa. Using this analysis, I contributed to the revamping of Red and White Spa’s online presence. My research continued to brainstorm improvements for the customer experience at Red and White Spa. The intern team’s main goal was to ensure Red and White Spa creates and maintains the ambiance and reputation to provide our customers with complete happiness and relaxation.